Voor degenen die het nog niet weten, ik heet Annabel, en vandaag ga ik erover hebben hoe pasta en bier studenten dik maken (en ook hoe wij een “healthy lifestyle” kunnen leven voordat wij allemaal gaan studeren).

Na het uitvoeren van een hoop onderzoek, wat ik gedaan heb door het kijken (met mijn ogen natuurlijk) naar de studenten in universiteiten, en het realisatie van hoe dik zij allemaal eigenlijk zijn, is het duidelijk voor mij geworden dat hier pasta en bier het probleem zijn. Obesitas is natuurlijk niet een makkelijke onderwerp om over te praten, en ik wil niemand kwaad maken met mijn woord keuze en grapjes, maar toch vind ik het belangrijk dat mijn vrienden gezond zijn. Daarom wil ik jouw, mijn lieve publiek, vertellen over hoe wij samen een gezonde samenleving kunnen maken.

Er zijn drie simpele stappen (ga die alsjeblieft goed lezen, niet alleen scannen, wat studenten te vaak doen) om gezond te zijn:

  1. GEEN PASTA OF BIER ETEN/DRINKEN: Onder andere voedingsmiddelen, zijn pasta en bier het meest dikmakend, het bewijs hiervan is…. uhmmm…. even denken….geen (behalve dat van mijn eigen ervaring). Basically, als je niet dik wilt worden, moet je pasta en bier vermijden.
  2. MEER SPORTEN: Hoewel wij allemaal een keer per week gym les heb, is dit niet genoeg om een “healthy lifestyle” te hebben. Eigenlijk moeten wij allemaal minstens een keer per week naar de gym gaan, ook al doe ik dit zelf niet, is het wel nodig om een “healthy lifestyle” te leven. DUS GO TO THE GYM!
  3. GEBALANCEERD DIËTEN ZIJN BELANGRIJK YO!: Misschien vraag je je wel af wat een gebalanceerd diët is, daarom ga ik je dit plaatje laten zien, ik hoop dat het helpt 🙂        Image result for balanced diet

Nou, ik heb je verteld wat je moet doen om gezond te eten voordat je gaat studeren. Dus alsjeblieft die drie stappen volgen, want ik wil echt dat mijn school wat gezonder gaan eten oké?

Hope I helped!


Earth Hour || Physics

Although, I was sick the week my class discussed Earth Hour, I took the initiative to research what they were doing and why they were doing it. I found that we had to turn all of our lights off for one hour straight to contribute to saving our Earth, which showed the Global Value of preventing Global Warming and climate change. The main reason I found out about this task was due to social media, this showed my commitment throughout this activity. Due to the fact that I had to be committed in finding out what to do for the activity and how to do it also showed the learning outcome challenge. I had to discover what my class had discussed throughout the lesson that I missed, all by myself. This made the task extra challenging for me.

Mostly all of my fellow students shared something about Earth Hour on Facebook whilst also inviting me to the Earth Hour event. This proved that social media is in fact a suitable and effective platform and way for sharing something of importance to the world.

Will we ever be able to travel in time and is this desirable? || Physics

Similar to the previous blog post, this is all about discovery, which humans are in fact quite good at. Time travel is something talked about amongst many scientists and has been the topic of many science fiction stories and movies, like Back to the Future, a personal favourite of mine.

Having the ability to travel back to the past or to the future is something desirable amongst most people I assume. Everybody wants to know how their life looks in the future so they can tweak their lives and do things differently to get what they really want. Yet also everybody wants to go back in time to undo some mistakes they made or to simply revisit beautiful memories they miss. This is the reason why yes, time travel is one of the most desirable things to come across humans.

Although, when it comes to whether or not we will be able to actually travel in time i’m not so sure. Yes, it would be nice to accomplish something as great as this, however it will truly take years to discover such a challenging topic like time travel. But with the right set of skills, scientists, effort and background information I am a true believer that we can achieve anything.

Should we spend a lot of money trying to discover a particle able to move faster than light? || Physics

To be honest, I think it’s always worth the money and the effort to discover new things and to become better scientists than we already are. The same can be said for exploring and determining a particle that has the ability to travel faster than the speed of light. Although, light has a magnificent travel time of 299,792.458 kilometres per second, there is bound to be something out there that can travel that little bit faster, even if it is just by 0.1 kilometres per second.

As of now, there is nothing that can travel faster than light. However, some say that the universe itself will eventually outspace the speed of light. Yet, scientists aren’t quite sure how this is going to happen yet. But it’s all about discovering and learning new things!

Discovering new things and bringing theories/ideas into action is something we as the human race do incredibly well. With some scientists well on their way to curing some types of cancer, I don’t see a reason why we can’t discover a particle that travels faster than the speed of light. Despite the amount of years it may take, I believe that if there is anyone that can do it, it is us.

Feedback || “Mind Your Own Business”

This unit opened my eyes up to all things business related. I learnt so much about the different types of businesses and how to conduct a true financial report. This leads me onto the aspects of this unit that I thoroughly enjoyed. Learning about the different types of business opened my eyes to the world of setting up your own business, which is something I hope to do one day. Therefore, this is something I enjoyed learning about. Another aspect of this unit that I enjoyed working on was the discovering of a business of our choice in which we discussed the financial report and the produced our own report on it. This really gave me the chance to discover more about businesses and how much money is really put in to everything. The bake sale was also something I thoroughly enjoyed. On the other hand, I disliked learning about pricing and dividends as this was more theory. In general, I prefer to be more productive in class, which this was not. For next time, I would like to focus more on producing spreadsheets as I believe this is something incredibly valuable in later life.

Is being courageous set back by all safety rules? || Chemistry

Being a risk taker is an important part of the IB Learner Profile as without it we would never experience the bold things in life. However, with Chemistry, Physics and Biology safety and being a risk taker are impossible enemies.

Without safety in sciences we would have accidents, or possibly even death, in the classroom more often than we could imagine. This is why maybe it can be a good thing to keep the safety rules in the science classroom. On the other hand, being a risk taker is also an important asset to have, as you have to be willing to put yourself at risk and expose yourself to things you would never normally do in order to conduct and complete certain scientific experiments. This is why both of them could easily be as important as each other.

Although being a risk taker is important to life, it can also cause serious damages and pain. This is why I believe in the science classroom safety rules are definitely more important than being a risk taker. Without safety in Chemistry, Biology and Physics we would have more experiment caused casualties than health caused casualties.


Should I be brought to school by car? || Physics

Considering I only live 5 minutes away from school (by bike, however by car it would only take me around 2-3 minutes) there is no reason for me to be brought to school by car. However, the fact that I live so close to school isn’t the only reason why I believe I shouldn’t be brought to school by car. The amount of petrol and gases being emitted into the environment from a simple 2 minute car ride to school could potentially cause global warming and therefore have a huge effect on the environment. It really isn’t necessary to spend countless amounts of money on petrol and to drive the car to school when you only live 5 minutes away and could easily bike to school, like I do. My mother thinks the same way as me, this is why she sends me to school on the bike, which only takes me around 3-7 minutes at a normal average speed of 23.76 km/h considering I bike at a fast speed to school. On the other hand, if I lived 1 hour away from school it would make sense to go by car to school, as it would be too far to go by bike, considering I would have to bike around 1 hours and 45 minutes.

Multigenre Project Reflection

We think we know all there is to know about love, but how much do we really know about this wide topic? Love can have many different meanings, from loving your friends to loving your husband. This is why I chose to focus on the more romantic part, to narrow the possibilities down a bit. Throughout the last ten weeks of English class we have been working on a huge project called the Multigenre Project. This project required us to express ourselves and our chosen topic through multiple different genres. My topic of Romantic Love allowed me to take many different paths as a result of it being such a wide topic. In order to narrow my choices down a bit I decided to look at this topic through the Global Context of Identities and Relationships. This Global Context did in fact help me shape my project development as it provided me with some ideas of guiding questions, such as: What does love mean to different people?, Is love at first sight real?, How can love affect the way we treat people and our outlook on life?, and How can being in love change us? These questions were the base of the inspiration for all of my genre pieces as I knew I had to answer them, both indirectly and directly, through my genre pieces.

Of course, every extensive project must have a goal that you are wanting to reach by the end. My goal was more of a personal one, due to the fact that I have been severely effected by romantic love. As explained in my dear reader letter, I have suffered mental disorders and fear of romantic love as a consequence of the divorcing of my parents. Of course, this didn’t come lightly to me and therefore it left me feeling uncomfortable about the topic for quite some time. This is why I decided to face my fear and research Romantic Love. My goal for the end of this project was really to accept the fact that romantic love often does not last forever and to get over the uncomfortable feeling about the topic that I have experienced for longer than I can remember now. After continuous researching and writing about this topic I feel as though I have overcome this uncomfortable feeling and that I have a greater understanding of romantic love.

Being a part of the IB we were required to develop our ATL Skills throughout this project. I feel as though I have developed my research skills and my thinking skills, due to the fact that I have never been so good at both of these. The development of my research skills came from Miss Worrell forcing us to have at least five ANNOTATED sources in our annotated bibliography. This required me to chose five useful and reliable sources and to see past the information of the source. On the other hand, the development of my thinking skills came when I had to think about how to connect my whole project together and how to make something both original and creative. This required some deep thought, however I did eventually come to a conclusion, therefore I believe this shows sign of development.


World Water Day || Chemistry

World Water Day took place last Sunday on the 22nd of March, which was a coincidence as we are studying water in Chemistry. As a weekend task Miss Burron asked us to record how much water we used in a day. Now, because me and my family weren’t home most of the day we only used water for half of they day. Here are my results:

In The Morning:

Flushed the toilet and washed hands x3

Showered: 5-10 minutes x6

Turned on dishwasher

Turned on washing machine

Washed face x4

Brushed teeth x5

In The Evening:

Flushed toilet and washed hands x4

Brushed teeth x7

Washed face x6

As you can see from my results my family of 7 uses water a lot! With the approximate amount of times using water being 37 times, I think it would be a sensible idea to try and save some water. One way that my family could save water would be to take a minimum time of 5 minutes in the shower, as that is where most of our water is wasted, apart from the fact that we use the toilet and sink water a lot, however I believe that it would be impossible to cut down on that as going to the toilet and staying hygienic is something everyone should do. Another way in which we could save water would be to only wash our clothes when they get very smelly or dirty. I believe my family and I would want to save water because it costs a considerably high amount of money, especially with 7 people in the family. Saving water could also be a way of saving the environment!

Foodbank Reflection Service&Action

As part of the MYP we must complete at least one Service&Action task. For our task we chose to go and help out at the Foodbank. However, it took us a while to find a place to volunteer at. This shows signs of bad organisation and team work, which is something we could improve on for next time.

When we arrived at the food bank we got to work as soon as possible. The first task we had to do was to sort the foods by their best before dates. At the start of this task everyone was confused and didn’t know what to do, however me and Rosalie gave everyone specific tasks and after that everything went smoothly. The final task we had to do was to sort all of the foods into categories, for example, Drinks, Tinned Foods etc. This task went smoothly as well as everyone knew what to do.

From this task I learnt how to work effectively as a group and how to be a group leader. Overall, this experience was a good one and it was definitely more organised than planning the task.