Should the use of planes be reduced?

I personally think that the use of planes should not be reduced. This is because reducing the use of aircrafts would result in less money being made, and eventually having an impact on the global crisis. As stated in my essay, tourism contributes 9.5% to the Global Economy, which is a huge amount. Reducing the usage of planes would also primarily reduce pollution as well as noise pollution, but I think that if we look at the long run the amount of pollution as well as noise pollution would increase again, as many people will start driving more, and the amount of car usage will increase. This will cause noise pollution and pollution as well as many other problems like overcrowded highways. This would mean new roads would have to be built, causing an increase in taxes as well as deforestation. This would lead to wildlife, and pollution problems. A reduction in flights would also mean that the prices of the flights would increase, as flying becomes rarer. This means that the amount of tourists would decrease, closing down a large part of the market and economy.

Math Reflection

What you enjoyed about this unit: I enjoyed this unit quite a lot, because I think it was quite simple if you understood it. I enjoyed the investigation that we had to do, because it made you think back about what you learnt. I enjoyed doing both Surds and Indices.

What you found easy: Although I found this whole unit quite simple, I think I what I really found simplest was the investigation because we were able to use our notes.

What you found difficult: As I said, I found the unit quite easy, but one thing I found quite hard and which gave me a bad time in my test were the indices, and particularly the power to zero.

What helped you when you were stuck: My calculator and my notes obviously helped me through this unit, but what also really helped was working in groups and being able to ask them.

What could you have done to improve – any targets?: I think I could have used my calculator less.

Name at least one skill you learnt which you can use in another unit: Working together

Reflection_Freeware manual project

For the summative task of this unit we had to choose a freeware and make a manual or instruction video on the freeware. For the task we had to create a research report, and go through the 4 stages of the design cycle. We had the freedom to choose any freeware we wanted, which I really liked. I think I did pretty well in this task, and although normally organisation and time management is an issue, this time it wasn’t. I think what I could of done better is maybe look at the criteria, look at what was expected of me and go over my report.





The Great War – Reflection

What is the First World War? The first world was was an important war that led to to many changes, inventions and discoveries that are important even now. The first world war was a brutal one, that took place during 1914 and 1918.

Why was it important? The first world was was very important because many great things nowadays would not exist without the first world war. The position of women, or independence of women, hit a start in the first world war when men had to go fight and the factories needed workers. Until now women were only allowed to work as maids, but when men left, factories needed workers and so hired women. New fire arms were also invented to help during the war.

How and Why did it happen? A series of events led to the First world war, both direct and indirect. Nationalism, for example, was an indirect cause, because although the war did not start because it, tensions rose which sped the process up. One direct cause that set everything in motion was the assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Does where and when we live change how we feel about ourselves, events and people? I personally think that where and when we live really does change how we feel about ourselves. If you live in Africa, for example, the way you feel and think about yourself and others is very different to someone from a richer, more developed country like Europe.

Is being courageous set back by all safety rules?

In this unit the debatable unit question was Is being courageous set back by all safety rules? In other words, do I think it is necessary that we have all these safety rules or do I think they’re exaggerating with all rules you have to consider and that this takes away taking risks for inquiring? Personally, I thing following the rules is completely different to being courageous. Being courageous doesn’t mean putting your hand above a burner and breaking the rules, it has nothing to do with that. Being courageous means you dare to do things others don’t. Admitting your mistakes for example. Thats what I personally think being courageous is about.

Or at least in the IB learner profile…

Extraordinary Narrators – Sjoerd

– In welke mate beinvloed het vertelperspectief het verhaal van de Boekendief

(How does the point of view affect the telling of De Boekendief?)

Het vertelperspectief beinvloed in velen manieren het verhaal ‘De boekendief’. De verteller in het verhaal is de dood, een auctoriale verteller. Als een auctoriale verteller is de dood overall, en kan alles zien. Ook is hij er altijd bij als iemand dood gaat. De Dood is een verteller die veel vooruitwijzingen (foreshadowing) geeft. Dit maakt het verhaal net wat spannender, maar ook moeilijker te begrijpen. De auteur heeft gekozen om de Dood als verteller te gebruiken, omdat hij het heftige verhaal in een iets grappigere manier kan verteller.

– In welke mate beinvloed het vertelperspectief het verhaal?

(How does point of view affect the telling of a story?)

Het vertelperspectief beinvloed ook in velen manieren het verhaal. De verteller komt in meerdere voormen en maten, er kunnen zelfs meerdere vertellers zijn in een verhaal. De vertelinstantie kan in de ik, de hij, de auctoriale en de personale persoon zijn.



Unit Freeware

So far this unit in design we have researched a freeware that we would like to make a tutorial or manual on. For the final product we are going to have to make an instruction manual in any format that explains how to use a freeware. A freeware is any software available online free to download. This is our only requirement for choosing a freeware.Personally I chose to research and make an instruction manual in video format on Google Sketchup 8. Google Sketchup 8 is a professional freeware made by google, which is used for any type of designing. Like all projects, the design cycle is crucial. Right now we are in the Inquiring and Analysing step, in which we Research and Identify the problem.

Thank you.

Mah Life

Hello! My name is Sjoerd

I am 15 years old and live in Breda, The Netherlands. I moved to Holland after 12 years of living Spain. I was born in South Africa, Johannesburg.

My favorite hobbies are kitesurfing, Rugby and Running.



Brainstorming and Planning – First Person project post!

Brainstorming and Planning is a very big part in every project, especially for an important, big project like the personal project. My inquiry question is, ‘Can giving back to the community make a person happy?’ and I want to make a book that discusses happiness and which also shows how being a volunteer can make a person happier. This could include interviews and experiences of people in charities and organizations, Stories, etc. This is a very long project and you have to dedicate and spend lots of time doing it. The reason why I chose to make a book about happiness is because I am passionate about the topic. Happiness is something thats inside all of us, it makes the best of us. Its easier to write about something that you’re passionate about.


The knife of never letting go – Sjoerd

In english we are reading books and discussing about them in our literature circles. Each literature circle has its own book with their own roles, theres three people in one group. In our literature circle with Victor and Elise we have the book “the knife of never letting go”, An intriguing story about a young boy in a world full of men. Todd Hewitt is the last boy in Prentistown, but prentistown isn’t like other towns. Everyone can hear each others thoughts constantly. There is no privacy, no secrets. I noticed that the story starts off like any other but soon turns into an mysterious, intriguing story. When I started reading this story I wasn’t sure what to expect, was I expecting monsters or zombies? I still don’t know. What I am certain of is that this society where they living is not an ordinary society. Reading this book I can imagine how one gets so much questions in his head. I couldn’t help think about the symbols the author used and how they were incorporated in the book. One symbol I came across was the knife Todd got from Ben, the Hunting knife. It seems like the knife is stands for life as well as for death. It has two sides, and two blades. One question I got in my head was, How the heck can Aaron, the crazy church guy, survive smashes to the head with a rock, a crocodile ambush and a stab wound in the stomach and still be pursuing Todd. He must really want to get Todd. We can see how bad they want to cover up all the secrets. I began to think how life would suck without having any woman or girls around and I suppose a lot of guys would go crazy without them. This is whats going on in the book, in one part, when Todd is walking through town we can hear someones thoughts thinking about his wife and missing her so bad. This made me feel sad.

The Knife of never letting go