Physics unit reflection Earth Hour

Earth hour happens every year and is important since we need to spread awareness about saving energy and the world. Lots of people are losing energy do to simple things like leaving the lights on and it really does affect the world. I raised awareness by doing earth hour for an hour. I turned off all lights and tried not to use any electronics to save as much energy as possible. I also shared the official page on Facebook to raise awareness for others.

I was sick so I did not watch any of the videos but I assume it is about conducting electricity. I personally believe that the lemon is the real one and the rest are fake because I think a lemon would do best to conduct electricity. Maybe the egg as well since they can probably conduct electricity as well but I think the lemon is the real one.

Physics unit reflection Light

Should we spend money trying to find a particle faster than light? Yes and no. Yes because this would be a very important scientific discovery which could further develop technology such as time travel and no because we have problems in the earth which we should first consider spending our money on in the first place. Problems such as world hunger should be addressed first with the money but if these problems are solved then I would say go for it. Would we ever be able to time travel and would it be desirable. I hope we can in the future but, like what I addressed before, this has its pros and cons. Its pros include altering history for the good and go forward to acquire knowledge but what if some one were to alter history for evil purposes. We already had one hitler and with time travel the possibility of a second one would have increased.

What I would like for Economics

Economics is, for me, a really interesting subject. Many things such as business, tax and international trade are all covered. The unit I believe we would really benefit from in economics is international trade. This unit is essential to understand how money travel around the world and how our products and goods travel around the world and to us. I would really enjoy such a topic in which we could potentially try new approaches to learning such as simulations and new perspectives on economics. The previous unit we did was also one where I felt I was challenged and one that interested and spurred me on. One thing I strongly liked about this unit was the bake sale challenge we did. This experience really showed us what it was like to run/function and business and I learned more than I ever would from a book. One thing I also liked was the worksheets we got. These were easy to organise and packed full of knowledge which was fully required when learning about different business types.

Is being courageous set back by safety rules?

There is a fine line between safety and being stupid. Safety rules were made that limits the possibility of things going wrong but being courageous does not mean that something bad happens. Being courageous means exploring new heights despite the risks but safety rules are implemented so that one does not cross that line between safety and stupid. Its a two way street with being courageous a highly valued characteristic, but on the other hand  safety is our number one priority which dates back to our monkey-like ancestors. I believe though that courage has deeply influenced our history and can do the same for our future, if there are no rules the courageousness would end up getting people killed.

Should I be brought to school by car?

I go to school almost everyday by car, this is because we live farther away and biking would take too long. My family and I are aware of global warming and take some precaution to avoid it. For example we save electricity, don’t waste water and recycle like crazy. Though one thing we are doing that doesn’t exactly help is travel to school by car. The distance from my house to the ISB is 18 KM and it takes 18.4 minutes to get there and the average speed to get there is 60km/h. Although this is quite a lot also considering that my moms car takes up a lot of fuel, my dad has an electric car which greatly reduces the greenhouse gases and the fuel consumed in our household. Going by bike takes 17.2 km/h on average and by bus 12.8km/h. It is not possible to go by train since there are not trains going through Oosterhout, where I come from. We use the car to get to school because it is faster and much easier. It sounds more appealing to go in a comfy, heated car and get there on time rather than bike through the wind, chilled to the bone and just barely get there on time if I wake up earlier. There are many advantages to going by car, such as heat, comfort and time management since you get to school by car. You can also transport more than 1 person and you are protected from the elements. The disadvantages are that it uses up lots of fuel (only my mum) and there are many harmful gasses released to the world. Also there is traffic and it can be sometimes stressful to drive. Hopefully my family and I will find a compromise and be able to get to school on time while being more eco friendly.

Reflection Multi genre project

The multi genre project was really a big project. Its not as big as a personal project but still requires a lot of effort, dedication and responsibility. It took me along time to actually come up with a topic and once I settled on entomophagy I was flabbergasted about the amount of information I could get from that topic. I chose entomophagy (the eating of bugs) because it was a subject I thought I could really dig deep into and one that will become important in the future since it might be the only way to have a sustainable food source. At first I was going to choose which entomophagy related food tastes the best but that did not lend itself well to research so I brainstormed some IB learner profiles that I could use and some global contexts and I decided on the globalisation and sustainable part of entomophagy and how it can become a sustainable food source when all other foods are scarce. This topic really brings to mind what will happen in the future and how we need to think fast otherwise we will be left without food. After I chose this global context I decided to research for more information and statistics as to achieve my goal of answering “Can eating bugs solve world hunger?” . This really helped my project along with all the other sources I researched since I really got an onsite on this topic, more than before. I really do be love that I achieved my goal of answering “Can eating bugs solve world hunger?” since I explained it and answered it my informational genres. I know can fully answer that question every time someone were to ask me that. But I also wanted others to know the answer to this question and that is one of the reasons I chose this goal. I have defiantly grown as an IB learner, especially in to learner profiles, inquirer and critical thinking.  I improved as an inquirer because for my research and my whole project I had to be an inquirer, asking many questions and researching them to provide the answers. There has to be a lot of critical thinking with this global context and I did that a lot since I had to make a lot of decisions about how mankind could be saved by eating bugs. All in all, I believe it was a fun project to do that really helps you prepare for the personal project but also gives you an insight on how responsible you have to be in the later years of school.

Save Water day Post – Skye


Toilet Shower Water
Ella 5 1 10 min 2 liter
Jan 6 1 20 min 2 cups
Skye 4 1 20 min 1 liter
Jonah 5 1 15 min 1 and 1/2 liter


My family and I use a lot of water. Especially in showers since shower are really nice. The most adult usually go to the toilet more often and that is the case with my family too. I measured the water use with toilet usage, shower time and how much water was used. For the ager used I meant as in cups of water for drinking or cleaning hands for example.My family could save water by showering less. My mom could use one bowl of clean water to clean the vegetables/potatoes instead of using running tap water. My dad does not really use a lot of water because he doesn’t drink it and showers less. He uses the toilet quite often though and that could stop. I could maybe shower less since I really like showers and that wastes a lot of water. Also, checking the pipes if there is any leaks because leaks prevents the water from getting to the sink and it leaks out somewhere else and that wastes valuable water.  We should save water because it is not a recourse that you can make and there is only limited amount on earth. Also if we waste water it takes more time and power to filtrate and get water and that costs money.

Reflection – Service and Action Day

During the service and action day we had to organize food at a local food bank warehouse, we started quite early and we finished at around 12:00 am. The most important thing I learnt is that teamwork helps a lot, for example when stacking the cans it took forever with only one person but when we made a line and carried the food on we finished much quicker. It showed that teamwork helps a lot and also it can develop communication skills and is a key part of the collaborator part of the IB learner profile. We did have to organize a lot but it was ok at the end because you feel much better afterwards thinking about how much you’ve helped.


My final MG topic decision

For my MG topic I shifted to Globalisation and sustainability as the global context I will follow since I came up with a very good question for it: Can bizarre foods be used too address world hunger? The general topic is bizarre foods and Im sure I will add some more general info about that but I decided to do it about world hunger and how eating bizarre foods such as bugs and other weird foods since I truly believe it is a way to solve world hunger. One option is bugs, there everywhere, there sustainable and contain vast amounts of protein and vitamins. You can reproduce them and they are already being used in some cuisines and apparently have a distinct crunchy taste :D. I also want to incorporate food history into my project since it would really benefit the whole project. Providing some background info on the topic is very useful in truly understanding it. For example, under the reign of Pol Pot in Cambodia, people resorted to eating spiders since there was a major food shortage. After he was dethroned though, it stuck on the people and now almost all food stalls in Cambodia feature fried spider. One way I will be adding a creative piece to my project is making recipes of foods containing bizarre ingredients or just the bizarre foods themselves. This would be for one of my creative parts of the project though It does contain quite a lot of text. I will choose which food to use in my project based on three factors: How much of it is eaten, Where it is eaten( I will select foods from different regions) and who eats it. I will ad some info graph which we learned to make in design class as part of the creative side of my project and for my writing part I will add a piece of writing and a poem. 

MultiGenre example topics

This one was about suicide and contained many creative pieces, I also want to put some creative pieces in my project. It had several drawings, I want have at least one drawing since it would make the whole project look more attractive and it is required. It also had a poem which I also want to implement since it would classify as creative writing. It would probably be a haiku or a ballad about Food. Also there was a letter from a teacher to a mother, is stated that they are in grievance over the death of the mothers child and other important info. The way it was formatted is an interesting one but I believe I would not be able to do the same with my topic.

This one contains a memo addressing the reader and it explains what the contents are. This project was about video game violence affecting children. I will definitely add a memo to my project since it is a good way to explain what your project is about. There is also a list of most violent games, I will add a list of most delicious food according to various sources. It will be the main point of my project.