Earth Hour

I was not here the week that the class in Physics had discussed the Earth Hour. I had found out from the internet and my classmates what it was about and why we take our time to do this. Earth hour is from 8:30 till 9:30 where all lights should be turned off in the house or where you are at to raise awareness for the global warming and climate change. We raise the awareness so more people can do something about it. I never have heard of Earth hour before so this was something new to me.

I found out about the Facebook page on social media that the class made to spread awareness for this activity. I also had been invited to the event. Social media is a great way to communicate to others and spread events that people need to pay more attention to, this was a good way of doing that as I first found out about the Earth Hour event on Facebook.

I had shown commitment to contribute to this event my turning the lights of for 1 hour even though I was not there in class. I took initiative with having my mom turn off the lights too. I also raised awareness by sharing this event with my mom.

Reflection unit light

Should we spend a lot of money trying to discover a particle able to
move faster than light? (Can anything move faster than light?)

In my opinion we shouldn’t. There is nothing in the world that is faster than light in my opinion. Also I think that we are wasting the money to something that I think is useless as I believe there is nothing faster than light. The money should be used for something more important like for humanity.

Will we ever be able to travel in time and is this desirable?

I honestly don’t know. In Science anything is possible. However I think it is too difficult to solve right now as it takes precise work.

Unit – Mind Your Own Business

I thought that this unit was very interesting, because personally I am very into how business works and what different types there are. I also thought that the slides on managebac in the file “Mind your own business” were also very interesting since I got to learn new vocabulary and things I did not know before. I also thought the unit was very structured and organized.
If I had to give some feedback on the unit I would say that this unit we have been doing was very long. I don’t even remember when we started it. So maybe next time the unit can be a bit shorter.
The topic I would like to have next for our unit would be international trade because it seems very interesting were we can learn a lot from.

Should I be brought to school by car? _Physics

Should I be brought to school by car? Basically, I live 6 minutes away from school so I don’t think it is necessary for me to get driven to school with a car. My ride to school consists of crossing a few streets and biking up an small hill and then I have arrived to school. The fact that I live close to the city is also very handy for nearby places because I always go with bike, except for long distances I can’t bike. If I would go to school by bus it would have taken me 18 minutes, by car 5 minutes, walking 18 minutes. I travel with bike 16km/h for 6 minutes. The advantages of me biking to school, is that I do some exercise, it gives no pollution, and it relaxing. The disadvantages is that I have to buy a bike, sometimes dealing with wind and rain when biking (which is irritating). I am using this kind of transportation because I live so close to school and its a waste for a car to drive just for a few minutes. The link to global warming is that when I would travel to school by car or bus, it releases a lot of fossil fuels, when the fossil fuels get burned, carbon is released. This carbon dioxide adds to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

Unit 2 Trigonometry

1) What you enjoyed about this unit. 

In general life I like to explore new things and learn new things, and when the unit 2 was introduced I had no clue want trigonometry was, it was new to me, and I enjoyed the learning about it.

2) What you found easy. 

What I found easy during this unit was working with Cos, Tan and Sin. I found it easy to find an side of an triangle or the angle.

3) What you found difficult. 

What I found difficult and what Im still struggling with is the 3D shapes in Trigonometry, we started this during the end of the unit and about a week before the assessment, and I still have some problems with calculating or knowing the formula.

4) What helped you when you were stuck. 

What helped me when I was stuck was the MyImaths, we could do the online homework or the lesson, and in the lessons are information what helped me understand the exercise better. Also the teacher explained me when I was stuck.

5) What could you have done to improve – any targets? 

I think what I could have done to improve was by practicing more, or to do some exercises  again to make sure I understood it, also I could have done more MyImaths exercises, or whats maths help videos.

6) Name at least one skill you learnt which you can use in another unit

One skill I’ve learnt which I can use in another unit is the pythagorus theorem which we often used to find an angle. Also the Cos, Tan and Sin I think I will later on use that a lot.

unit extraordinary narrators: Point of view

1. How does point of view affect the telling of “De boekendief’

De boekendief wordt verteld door de “dood” , Ik denk dat dit boek de Personale en Auctoriale vertel-instanties heeft want de dood hoort alles en ziet alles in het verhaal, maar hij weet ook alles over de hoofdpersonen.

how does point of view affect the telling of a story?

Als de verschillende perspectieven zijn in een boek dan krijg je als lezer verschillende standpunten te lezen en hoe het boek word verteld, en je leest ook verschillende versies van het verhaal wat het boek zo uniek maakt

current Unit _Design

This year we started a new Unit in design. It is called Charity Campaign, we have to come up with a charity ourselves and develop our theories about it, and of course trying to  present it by making a poster, video or even a presentation. What we started of with analyzing and Inquiring this means that your going to brainstorm about the idea for your charity campaign. After that you will make some guiding questions and start your research.  If your done with that you will start designing your final product. We our now in the process when we are nearly done with the research phase. And it is going well so far!

Now im going to promote my Charity campaign. So my idea for this charity it is called “the Perla foundation” and since I really enjoy to play tennis I want everyone to enjoy it too! even with a disability like sitting in a wheelchair, so my idea is to design a special tennis court that is made for disabled children/adults. I want to launch the tennis courts all around the world so they can enjoy the sport as much as everyone else. So if your interested in helping or donating let me know!



about me

My name is Perla, I am 14 years old and im from Holland. This blog is for my school, I update from time to time about my work in school or reflections about the pasts units we did. My hobbies are watching tv, go shopping or hang out with friends. But my biggest hobby is playing tennis, in the beginning of august 2014 I became National Champion in Holland under 14! enjoy my blog

pop Art unit

For this unit I was absent for most of the lessons because of my tennis practices. So I got not preform the songs that everybody needed to preform, But I wrote all the essays. I learned mostly about pop music because when I needed to research I always learned new information about pop music which is really helpful!

My use of time was most spending on writing essays, and when I was present in music we learned about notes or worked from the notebook that we will have a test about in test week. My skills in music are not going so well because of me not being there so I can’t preform or practice the piano which i would’ve liked to do.

A lot of music inspires me, especially songs with a message. But I would like to learn it on the piano but im not here for most of the time. So the essays I wrote were about Madonna and Katy perry. These two are amazing artists and changed the world from my point of view. First I listened to music for some relaxation but now I really listen to the meanings of the songs and that helped me understand more in the music world.

I thought this unit was fun to do because I got a lot to know about the artists themselves! And im looking forward for the next unit.

Pop Artist_Music

Katy perry

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson better known as Katy Perry (stage name) was born on October 25, 1984. She is an American singer, songwriter, businesswoman, actress and not to forget a popstar. When she released her first single “you’re so gay” it immediately became a worldwide pop sensation.


Why is Katy perry related to pop art? she is related to pop art because popart and pop are very related because it has a similar meaning that is that it is in the mode and that it stands out then the rest.


Katy Perry is unique because her song titles are different then the other artist like “your so gay” and “I kissed a girl”, there more unique. Katy is also well known for her crazy outfits! she stands out! she also has a unique voice and is down to earth. (here under is a picture of one of her daily looks on carpets)



She changed the world of her crazy and lovely fans, thats how she got attention, she changed the world because she is just her natural self, thats what people love about her! and that she is don’t afraid to show the real her.


One of her greatest hits is “Teenage Dream” in 2009 she released this song and became a worldwide phenomenon in the popworld she was then announced the pop queen. I love her music! its so cool and it sounds like pop music and it is. She also is a role model to me and my favourite song from her is dark horse, but I love all her songs!