Reflection Earth Hour

Earth Hour was a day where from 8:30-9:30 people turned off their lights to raise awareness for global warming and climate change. During class, we joined the page on Facebook and shared it so that other people could be aware of it as well. We hoped that our friends on Facebook would see it and join in on Earth Hour as well.

The day of Earth Hour, I was babysitting which meant that I had to turn off the lights during babysitting. This shows commitment and a challenge because I was not at home when this hour was taking place. The two girls were not afraid and we just spend that hour watching a movie. I was unable to take a video due to the fact that my phone was broken but I did complete Earth Hour and I am happy knowing that I contributed to the awareness of climate change.

Should I be brought to school by car?

I live in Ginneken making me very close to school. The way that I get to school is by bike. That approximately takes me about 7-10 minutes depending on my speed. My little sister that goes to the same school as me goes by car. The reason for this is because my mom feels she is still to young to take the bike. Next year she will be taking the bike so there will be one less car on the road in the mornings. My average speed would be 15.75 km/h if it takes me 8 minutes to get to school. If I took the car to school, that would take me about 5 minutes. If I walked to school, that would take me 26 minutes. Taking the bus would take me 23 minutes. Taking the car is the quicker one but biking is the most efficient one. There are only about 3 minutes of difference so therefore biking would be the best option. The advantages are that is friendly for the environment and that there is no possibility for pollution. A disadvantage might be the weather but I am lucky enough to be brought by car when it is cold or raining. Another advantage would be that you can have some time for yourself and bike at the speed that you want.

Reflection MGP

The multigenre project is a project that we have been working on since January. It has taught me so many things. When picking our topic, I wrote down many ideas in my English notebook. There were a few things that I was really curious about like the beginning of life, relationships, traveling. The topic that I ended up choosing wasn’t even on that list in the first place. Initially, I had picked relationships. That consisted of relationships overall, not specifically love relationships. I already wrote down questions that I could ask myself for that topic. Suddenly I found myself talking with Annabel about life after death. I started asking myself so many questions that I considered changing my topic. I did end up changing it.

The global context that I chose for my new topic, life after death, was Scientific and Technical Innovation. If I would have chosen my initial topic, the global context would have been Identities and Relationships. Choosing my global context somehow helped me a bit throughout my project. I didn’t necessarily use it as a guide through my whole project but more as a helping hand to start my project.

The goals that I set for myself at the beginning of this project was to go out of my comfort zone. I proudly accomplished those goals. When Interviewing Kim Crosby, a mom from primary experienced in this kind of things, I felt awkward. I am honestly somehow who doesn’t believe in spiritual things or religious in any sense.

My research skills improved as well. I researched in a form that I had never done before, it was Google Scholar. That was quite a challenge for me since most of the articles had paywalls. It is now a form of research that I might use for other subjects.

Water Day

Sunday was water day and we had to record the amount of water that we used that day. That is quite hard to do so what I did was record the amount of times that we showered during or flushed the toilet. Four people showered that day in a total of 36 minutes. We washed our hands about 9 times for about 20-30 seconds. The toilet was flushed 14 times. That day we drank about 4 glasses of water and when we went out for dinner, we had a 1 L bottle of water. A way that we could save water with our whole family is by taking shorter showers. Flushing the toilet and drinking water is something that everyone has to do and is a natural thing. Washing your hands or turning off the tap when showering is another way to save water. We should save water though so that the environment stays good. There is so much loss of water that could come to such good use. There are people in this world that have to walk miles to get water and we just waste it as if it were free.

Reflection Design Unit Seeing Possibility

For this unit, we have to create something made out of recycled materials. I knew that I wanted to make something vintage and what I could think of was making a plant pot. It took me a while to decide what kind of plant pot I wanted to make and out of what. I feel that I worked well on my research report. I tried to finish everything step by step because I felt that it would be the handiest thing to do. There is not much that I would change about me creating the research report. I finished all the tasks on time and spent time and effort when writing and investigating. I like the idea that I chose. Maybe next time, I could have taken just a bit more time to think about what I could do. Next time, I could also try and really invent something myself because the idea that I have is something that I found on the internet. Some skills that I applied for this was researching and those are skills that I also use in History, Geography and Economics for example.

Annotation powerful photo

In het onderstaande beeld zie je een aap achter tralies. Wat heel indrukwekkend is, is hoe ze de kleuren op het gezicht van de aap zo vel hebben gemaakt. Omdat de kleuren zo sterk zijn, zie je ze meer. Als er geen tekst was geweest met een soort van uitleg, zou je nog steeds meteen weten wat de foto over gaat. De kleuren dat ze hebben gekozen zijn een van de sterkste kleuren die er zijn. Geel, wit en rood kan je heel goed zien waardoor het bericht beter overkomt. Deze kleuren zijn ook meestal blije kleuren. Het verf op het gezicht van de aap vertegenwoordigt een clown. Wat hieraan wordt betekent is dat de aap net zo als een levend sleepgoed of clown is. Dat de aap niks waard is. Pathos speelt een gigantische rol in deze foto. Je wordt er emotioneel van en verdrietig omdat je een leven dier achter tralies ziet. Ethos wordt ook hier gebruikt door de logo die aan de onderkant van het plaatje staan. Als je dat ziet, krijg je misschien meer vertrouwen in het doel van de foto. Wat ze ook heel goed hebben gedaan is het achtergrond zwart maken. Als het achtergrond wit of roze was geweest zou je misschien een blije gevoel van krijgen. Maar dat is niet de bedoeling. De bedoeling is om een sterke bericht over te brengen en dat is wat ze hebben gedaan. Het gezicht van de aap is ook niet per se blij. Als ze een lachende aap achter tralies hadden gezet zou je denken dat die heel blij is. Maar dat is de aap niet. De aap voelt zich verschrikkelijk, hij voelt zich gebruikt, en dat zie je, danks aan hoe ze deze foto hebben bewerkt.


Reflection Food Bank

We went to the food bank for a Service and Action day. It was a really great experience to see what others do to provide for others. I expected to do more than we did but since we all worked together, we finished really fast. I also expected it to look a bit different and for it to be warmer. My first impression of the place though, was that it was very big and looked very spacious. At the beginning, when choosing what to do, we struggled a lot. We did not work as a team to be honest because everyone was just thinking about themselves. Rosalie was the one who was able to organize the food bank and I am extremely grateful for that. It was some great initiative of her. In the food bank, it was also extremely cold which made it quite hard to work but I still had a great time working with friends and knowing that I was helping other people. I learnt how separate different kinds of food and stack them. I used my skills of organization to organize the food so it would look neat and so that it would all fit. I am actually glad that we ended up going to the food bank instead of our initial plan which was going to dog shelter or schools.

Research Multigenre project

After making research questions for my topic, I came across an issue. The idea of changing my topic crossed my mind. I was discussing with Annabel about a recent tragedy in my family and I came upon the idea of death. I started asking myself so many questions that I realised it might be a better topic than relationships. Do you feel death? Is there more after you die? Do you feel that you’re dying? Do people make you want to kill yourself? If I ended up picking this topic, I would definitely focus on the spiritual and scientific aspect of death. Honestly, every time I think more about it, I get more convinced that I should pick this one. It would be something out of mine and everyone’s comfort zone since it’s a fragile topic. I would have to change my whole idea’s of which genre’s I would like to pic. I think that if I would pick this topic, that I have a lot more options with genre’s. I also feel that it gives me room to create some very touching and emotional things. Things that could touch the hearts of others and make my project unforgettable. The Global Context that I thought fit best with this topic was Scientific and Technical Innovation. This contains things about the relationship with science and humans. This is what I would like to discuss in my project. The other Global Context’s could fit as well but I thought this one was better. It consisted of what I was aiming for. If I would pick relationships as my topic, the Global Context would be Identities and Relationships. This would would fit best because it consists of investigating cultures and people and that is what relationships are mostly about.

Multigenre ideas

The first multigenre project I found was about love. It interested me because of the title of the multigenre project: family multigenre project. There were some cool ideas about it that I liked for my own. It consisted of a lot of things from the old times. It had old pictures and old poems and stories. What I liked about this idea was the fact of bringing back old things. In my project, I could look up things about relationships in the past and compare them to now. What I could also do, is write a love or friendship letter pretending I was someone from the 1800 etc.

The second multigenre project I found was called Cocaine Addiction & Recovery. What actually made me interested to click on this was the name. This is something that everyone is aware of but not many people talk about either. What I liked that this person did was make a collage. This is a genre I hadn’t thought about before. This is something I could apply in my multigenre project. I could use words related to relationships picked from a magazine and make a collage out of it.

The third one that I picked to write about was called Food Sex: Love in the Kitchen and in the Bathroom. This one had some notes randomly throughout the work which I thought was a cool idea. The idea though that I really liked that this person chose was to make a glossary. Not just any glossary but a glossary with what food terms could mean sexually. What I would do is not relate it to sexual examples but make up my own words or mix words together. Then I would write the definition.


Unit freedom

Our new unit for English is very free. We have the choice to create something about whatever we want. When Ms. Worrell said that, I thought of many things that I would like to use for this project. So many great idea ran through my mind, but at the end of the day, I would have to pick one of out the 100. I wrote down some idea in my English journal and out of those things, I had a top three. My top three was karma, social media and outer space. While getting ready in the morning, I came up with a new topic which interests me a lot which is relationships. Not relationships in the sense where you are dating someone, but relationships in the sense where it could be a friendship, or families, or classmates. I chose karma as one of my top three because it feels real and unreal at the same time. I don’t know if it’s just a myth, or if it actually happens, and that’sFr what I’m willing to find out. This was the first thing I wrote down in my book. What made me think of this idea was when Ms. Worrell was naming spiritual topics that her former students had picked. It interests me in the sense that it’s beyond our reach. That it is possible for us to control our fate by a simple action. I don’t follow any religion, but spirituality is a complete different thing to religion.

Social media was the second thing that I chose as my top three. It is something that most of the people’s lives revolve around. We have become so dependant on it that we are becoming lazy and stupid. Not only that, but it has made us want to be someone we’re not. What I thought I could do related to this was stick my work behind a mirror. I came up with this idea because you are looking at yourself. You are looking at how you might be becoming someone you are not, how there is more to the world than our phones. Sadly, I am one of those people who depend on their phone every day, but I am trying to put it down once in a while. Outer space would be the third topic I chose. Not know how everything was created annoys me. It stresses me out how there was something that created something, and that something created another thing, but we don’t know what it is. I’d think that this would be my final choice but I have a lot of time to pick and honestly, space is not something I am willing to spend a lot of time researching on. If I ever convince myself to pick this topic, I would maybe make a planet, and put my different genres in the planet. This was actually the second topic I wrote in my book because it’s something I have thought of for a while now. Relationships was something I came up with later on. Every possible sort of relationship is something that I have been struggling with lately which makes me want to pick this topic even more. It really catches my attention. I know that I would be happy when researching this, and making different genres about this. To me, relationships are something that should never be forced, something that should be equal from both sides. Under is a link consisting of a kind of guid for basic relationships.

I really would like to make this my final choice but I still need to think hard about how I would like to present my work, but that can come later on. I am positive that I will stay hooked onto this topic and I hope I end up picking it.