Earth hour

We put off our lights for 1 hour to raise awareness for climate change. We have also posted a message on facebook to spread awareness. I have not looked at my notifications on facebook afterwords so I do not if I got any comments on it. However I have seen that people have liked it directly after I posted it. I took initiative to look up a good video of earth hour, learn about it and post it. I also took initiative to turn off the lights in my house and get my family to participate. Getting everyone of my family to participate was challenging because my little sister was preparing for bed and my parents where working. It was also a bit challenging to remember to turn of the light because I almost forgot. While the light was off I watched a movie and did not really realized it was. Nevertheless it was before hand that I was thinking much more about doing it. Climate changes is a global problem and by raising awareness to it more people can do something about it. I have never done earth hour before so I have also done something new.

I learned how to replace light and how much light I actually need. This was useful to know because now I can put of more lights and only use what I need.


Mind your own business

I think that is was a very good idea to continue with the unit of entrepreneurs because most of us liked it. However I think the unit took a bit too long. We learned some useful vocabulary bit it went on for a bit too long. For example with the different kind of businesses it was good to compare them and to read about them but going over it took very long. For the rest the unit was good.

I think that individual finance for the next unit would be very useful for later but I think that I’m more interested in international economics.

Should I be brought to school by car? – global warming

From my home to school I bike about 20 to 25 minutes, and with the car it is 15 minutes. There is a hill on the way to school but it is not too bad, for the rest there is not really something that would slow me down. There are not traffic lights but I sometimes need to stop to let a car or a buss pass. I usually go by  bike to school even when it is cold except when it is very slippery or dangerous to bike. If it is to dangerous I get brought to school by car.

The road I have to bike is about 5.5 km, so to calculate my average speed I first need to have the averaged time I take to bike it. This is 22.5 minutes. It takes me 0.375 hours so than my average other speed becomes 14.67km/hr. The average speed for the car is 22 km/hr, including the time we have to wait.

I use the bike because it is the it is easy and my parents have to go later to work if they bring me with the car. If I get brought with the car than my sister is also going to be brought. This means I need to get up earlier because she goes to a different school.

So a disadvantages is that I have to get up earlier, even though if I have to I wouldn’t mind too much. Another disadvantage is that it creates pollution, even though my school is not too far if I get brought by car to school everyday it is a lot added up together. An advantages from the car is that there is music. I could say that the car is nice and warm as well but it takes a while to heat up so when I arrive at school the car is just warm.

The advantage with the bike it that it is easy to take and I can go to different places after school as well. With the bike I can relax and think. It is also a exercise. With the bike I can also bike parts with my friends and than we can talk and have a fun bike trip. Another advantages of the bike it that it doesn’t cause pollution and it helps keeping the earth a bit cleaner. A disadvantage of the bike it the bad weather, especially when it rains or when there is a strong wind. However when it is sunny it is really nice to bike.

World Water Day

I kept track of how much water I used a day. First I needed to do it with my family but that didn’t work out because they did not wirte it down. Down on the table you can see how many times I used water.

I drank a lot of water the day I recorded but that is because I went swimming. I realized I went to the toilet and drank more often in the weekend than on a school day. Normally I shower for about 10 minutes but this time I went after swimming and I usually am faster than.

Clean water, like I have, is very important to keep your self hydrated, which is important to stay alive. Clean water is also important to keep your self cream and protect you  from diseases.

What how much
going to the toilet 7 times
showering 5 min
glasses of water 9 cups
using the washing machine 1 time
water for the hamster 50 min
brushing teeth 2 times
washing hands 7 times
washing my face (with out shower) 1 time
Swiming in the swimmingpool 1:40 hours

community and servis

First we decided as a class to go to the dog channel and do some voluntary work over there. We have called some dog channels but we were a too big group and we just came for one day. We have also tried the animal farm but this also didn’t work out. Than we decided to go to a primary school, there were three students who called two different schools. In the meanwhile the rest of the class made a lesson plan in groups, but this was not very well organized and not everyone knew what they were doing. There also came an idea of helping the foodbank and going to old people’s home. We ended up with only one person organizing the food bank because we did not knew what went on due to lack of well communication. I have looked at old people’s home and places for animal shelters and I made a lesson plan with my group. However this was not needed on the day we did the voluntary work. Our mentor had organized with a school, which was primary on the ISB,  that students would be coming over. At the end of the las metor lesson before this activity some classmates and me had decided to go and help the primary.

I did not knew what to expect but I thought it was going to be fun, and it was.

I go assigned to help nursery together with a classmate and the teachers there. We have helped, sang and played with the little children who were extremely cute. I learned how to work in a big group with children who are doing a separate task. So I had to multi task but it was not so hard as I expected. I also developed my talking skills because I talked a lot and with little children you talk in a different way than with your friends. Somewhere in noon all the nursery children went home, they had little activities and music lesson. When they were gone we had lunch and than we helped year one. I have read with three children at three different reading levels, but it went well. They also had geography class and they learned about the compes. Than the children went to the class of reception and they made a trophy in groups. I think this was a very good activity because the children looked back at what they learned and it was nice to hear them talk about it. I also learned that reception could be a class.


reflection of unit 2 – math

This unit was about trigonometry which was a bit complicated in the beginning but after some practicing it wasn’t that hard. Later in the unit it got more difficult and more complicated but after some good explanations it went better. I think that finding the angle when the area is given of a triangle is very hard. I got stuck on that but there was a student in my class who could explain it to me. This class mate also helped me when I was stuck on some 3D shape question.

In this unit I enjoyed maths for real because you can see how it is used in real life and it explains well. After I understand how trigonometry we worked with in the lesson works I was nice to solve problems on a paper with a partner.

I think I could improve the area of a triangle using theotromety because that doesn’t go that well but it is not to bad. The next time I would also like to practice a bit more with 3D shapes and get some more explanation because that would be difficult to.I learn a lot about trigonometry this unit before I didn’t knew how it worked. I knew how pythagoras’s worked and that is a skill used in this unit a well. I think that trigonometry is useful for other units with angles. I also learn how to label a triangle properly this could be used in more units where shapes are involved.

Reflection about Research Report

I made a research report about a own designed charity, the charity is called A Sustainable Start. In the research report I found information I needed and I did interviews and I annualized all kinds of thing I needed (for example the target of audience). I think I organized the document well and I analyzed the product in detail. What could have been done better was the interviews, I had some good questions but some could be better and there could also be more questions and more people could be interviewed.The next time I would create a product that takes less time and I would improve my interviews.

This research report was a good one and I think I have improved my organizing skills and I learned better techniques to find faster good information. The techniques is to first make point of what you need and then get it but with a short description of where to find it. In this way I could see better if I need the source or not, because when it is all in your head it is harder to reconize a good source. That is beause I’m then not looking for specific information.

To what extent should human safety be the first priority?

During the animal testing dabbed I heard some interesting things about animal testing. I think that animal testing is not a good thing because first humans are very different from animal. The protects being tested on animals may not have the same affect on human. There are also good alternative for example the human tissue research, micro-fluids and computer modeling. Some produce that where being tested on animals worked well and most animal are treated well because their stress could affect the experiment. Even though some animal tests went well some went wrong and there could be more and more accurate information from the alternatives. Some people prefer animal testing because they trust it better but I don’t think that it is the best way. The product could also be tested with different alternatives for example the human tissue research and computer modeling to be sure the product is safe.

Reflecting on the research report – Charity: A Sustainable Start

I started making the inquiring and analyzing part first. That went well but I didn’t mention the audience well enough in the paragraph but later I got a comment that I forget it. Then I wrote it in the inquiring and analyzing part. I fallowed the steps that was in a document called Charity Campaign Project Assignment Sheet. I had some trouble with the time because I started later then the rest of the class but I finished it on time with the extra time I got. The investigation has helped me to prepare me for making the poster and website. I got a lot if information to use for the website and poster, and to make my charity good I need good information. The investigation has also helped me what I should do for the audience for example to leave an question place where the people can ask questions. I got ideas of how a charity is suppose to look like by analyzing existing charities. If I could do the research report over I would plan the time better with the work I have to do. I might also change the charity to an easier one because with this charity I have to research two things. Those are the basic needs and how to give them sustainable, this is a lot of work and you need to double think and then it is easy to forget something.

With the inquiring and analyzing I forgot the audience, but I change that. The next step was the guiding questions and that went well, I wrote all the question I had and thought that where useful for the charity. Answering the questions also went well even though some where a bit harder then others. I found good websites that helped me answering them, and I put those sources in MLA and I summarized, assessed and reflected on them. For some information like how many children are in poverty it was harder to find a reliable website that answered that question. On the end I only deleted question I thought that where not necessary. In the investigation I also looked up photo of children in absolute poverty, but all I have seen had a all credits sign, and I could not find a useful good photo that I’m allowed to use. This is a problem I still need to find out how to solve it, one ideas is look at google and see if there any photo I can use and give credits to. I knew the problem I was going to solve with my charity so the next step in the research report was not so hard, which was identify the problem. After that step I had to analyses the target of audience where I had a little trouble with. I solved it looking up a definition and analyzing for who my charity is going to be and for who the campaign. The analyzing of exisitng charities was the next step there two exiting charity where analyzed and compared. The second last step was the explanation of how I will use my research and I could answer that without troulble. Finally the last thing I had to do was writing the deign brief which when well.


By doing this research I learn a lot about sustainability, so what a sustainable school is, how sustainability affects the local community and the environment of courses. I could use what I learned about sustainability in geography, and maybe in science if we are going to look at for example solar lights. I had to investigate absutlu poverty and basic needs. Before I thought that there where way more basic needs so it surprised my that it wasn’t too much. The basic needs I learned could kind of has to do with economics if you look at the cost of everything, which I had to do in the investigation. The absolute poverty has to do with geography too. I could also use the things I learned in English because I got a better understanding of sustainability and absolute poverty.

Reflection of unit 1: L’etat, c’est moi!

Absolutism is absolute/total, there where kings or queen with absolute power over people that means that the king or queen controls everyone and almost everything. This unit is about absolute power. This is a period in history where kings or queens had the the absolute power, in this period many things had been created. An example is Peter the great he modernized Russia and now people are debating if they should stay with the traditions or the new. This absolute power has shaped a part of the modern world. In England an absolute king had combined Schotland and England and nowadays they are still one country. That Scotland and England are together is good for the economy from both sides.  In England the absolute power was limited by the parliament because the kings needed money. Over the year the outcome had became the way the government governs nowadays.

I think that when and where we live can affect how we feel about ourselves, events and people. When and where we live is our culture. If you for example live in west Europa when you come home and someone prepared you dinner you usually say thank you. If you look at this situation in China for example it would be different. Then the person in west Europa makes a judgment while it is actually very normal to thing to do in China. I believe that this is the same in history some things where different then and part of the culture of people. If you would go in a time machine it would be very hard to adapt to the way the people lived in that place and time.

In this unit I like that I learn so much, the that we had a book. With the book we could see what we had to study very well but the think I didn’t like was that studying from a book takes more time and is harder then when you for example have to make a poster.