Earth Hour Reflection

During a particular Physics class, we were told that the world was taking initiative against climate change by turning the lights off for an hour. As a class, we decided to contribute to this activity. On Saturday March 19th, I turned my lights off for one hour.

The learning outcomes I showed were initiative, challenge, commitment, awareness and global importance

  1. Engaged with issues of global importance
  2. Increased awareness of your strengths and areas for growth
  3. Planned and initiated activities
  4. Show perseverance and commitment
  5. Undertaking new challenges

I hope that even though this was not very hard to do, together we had a big effect on earths climate.

Mind Your Own Business Unit Reflection

Looking back at the things that were taught this unit, I enjoyed learning about the different types of businesses present nowadays, and their contribution to society. Business (management) is definitely something I am interested in, and something I enjoy gaining knowledge on. If I ever were in the situation of wanting to start my own business, I would know how to set up a financial report including income, outgoings, (possible) stock market shares and taxes. The things I am still interested in learning are the different departments of a business and how they work (for ex. human resources, ict, etc…) and how a business is (positively or negatively) affected by these factors. Spreadsheets were the things that didn’t really interest me that much this unit. They get me confused very easily but are also important when wanting to set up a business.

Should I be brought to school by car?

Considering the fact that I am already brought to school (almost) everyday, I would say yes. However, it would be better for my health and our environment. Biking from my home to school takes me about twenty five up to thirty minutes, when by car it only takes me about ten minutes.

When I consider the fact that biking would be better for me (my welfare) and the environment, and it would also be less of a problem for my parents, who bring me to school every morning.

World Water Day

How can I and my family save water?
My family can save water by first of all drinking less coffee and tea which will result in having to go to the bathroom less which will result in saving water. Also, if your toilet has two ‘flush buttons’ use the small one to save water. What could also help to save water is by trying to fit everything in the dishwasher so that we only have to use it once. Spending less time in the shower would also be a tip for me.

Why would you want to save water?
First of all, saving water also means saving the world. There are a lot of people around the world that don’t have the ability to drink and use clean water. Only 1% of all the water on earth can be used by people. When more and more people start inhabiting the earth and using up this limited resource. It is important that we use water wisely and not waste it.

Multigenre Project Reflection

After working on the multigenre project for over ten weeks, we rounded everything off. The container is finished, the genre pieces, annotated bibliography, and rationales are printed and ready in MLA style. This was a challenging but very informative and helpful project.

For this assignment, I chose the global context personal en cultural expression. In the beginning of the project I thought this was the most fitting global context, but when looking at it now I feel like identities and relationships would be more fitting for the topic, since I talk about how your character traits (identities) and family and friends (relationships) can make you happy and influence your happiness. This is probably something I should have thought about earlier, but personal and cultural expression gave me a lot of ideas as to how I had to start my project.

Regarding my goal during this project, it was definitely finding out more about happiness myself and being able to inform people about happiness and what they can do to increase it. In the beginning of the project my topic was emotions, and what triggers them. I would still like to do this topic, but it was to broad and I would have gotten lost in all the possibilities and research that had to be done in order to gain information on this topic.

By looking at the ATL skills I definitely have improved my organisation, reflection, and transfer skills. My organisation skills improved because I had to make sure that everything I did was good quality work and that it met the (recommended) deadlines. I improved my reflection skills by writing a lot of rationales in a short amount of time and I could really use this skill because it is common to be used in a lot of other subjects. Last but not least, my transfer skills were improved by taking the knowledge I got from researching my topic and placing it into five different genres. Overall, the skills that I have gained have made me a better IB student since these skills are used in most of my classes.

Service and Action Reflection

today, as a service and action project, me and the rest of the class went to the food bank to organize and order goods. first we checked all the foods for expiring dates and divided the food into two categories; expired and non-expired foods. after we had done that we had to divide the non-expired foods into other categories, for example; tea/coffee, pasta/rice, soup, candy, sauce, etc.. i had already been to the food bank twice and knew what to expect. together as a group it went very fast and organized.

Research Question MGP | Global Contexts

The feedback I got on my multigenre project research question was that it was too broad, I was recommended to look at the IB Global Contexts and brainstorm good research questions regarding those global contexts. I did some research about the content of the global context and eventually came up with some questions.

There are six global contexts in the MYP

  • identities and relationships
  • orientation in space and time
  • personal and cultural expression
  • scientific and technical innovation
  • globalisation and sustainability
  • fairness and development

For my multigenre project I decided to go with personal and cultural expression (students will explore identity; beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities and cultures; what it means to be human), which I think goes best with my topic.

I made up two research questions while brainstorming for this global context.

  • What are the different ways we create our own happiness?
  • How does our personality affect our happiness and the way we create it?

These two questions relate the most to my initial research question, how do we create happiness? I am going to have to pick one research question and the one that interests me the most at the moment is the second one, how does our personality affect our happiness and the way we create it? The first research question still relates quite a bit to my initial research question and I am afraid that it is too broad. I do not want to have to encounter the problem that, while I am researching, I realise that the topic I am researching is too big and that I have to start over.

During the brainstorming, I was in doubt between two global contexts, personal and cultural expression, and identities and relationships. In the end I decided to go with personal and cultural expression, because it gave me more freedom to write and research about happiness. Finally, the topic I am going to research is; how does our personality affect our happiness and the way we create it?

Examples Multigenre Projects

The goal of researching multiple multigenre projects was to get inspiration of potential genres and new ideas. While reading these my mind was full of thoughts and a variety of different genres that could be used.

I looked at three multigenre projects that looked interesting to me. The first one that interested me was  Anne Frank: One Girl’s Story, written/made by Rachel E. What attracted me about this project was the fact that it was about Anne Frank. Her story inspires me and that is why I chose to read this project. The girl used a wide variety of genres to make her project complete. She used a letter, made a family tree, wrote an interview, and added some research. I couldn’t necessarily make a family tree, but it is very creative. The interview however gave me the idea of interviewing people around me about their opinions on happiness.

The second multigenre project I read not only interested me, but also touched me a bit. The Rose, written by Ellen Conrad, is about connecting with loved ones lost. I know how hard it is to lose someone you love. Aside from that, this is a well-written piece that inspired me to write poems on happiness, since there are quite a lot of poems in this multigenre project.

The third and last project that I looked at was Two, written by Brittany McNary. The title is already very catchy, because the word and number two, could mean anything. However, it turned out to be about twins. Overall, I think it is a very creative topic, and I like the way the author added some personal notes to her sister. In my own multigenre project I could also add some personal views on happiness.

My Curiosities

I have always been interested in why and how people feel the way they feel, their emotions and what triggers these feelings. I wonder why different emotions are tied to different events (wedding, funeral, etc..) and how other people’s emotions affect the way you feel.

Another point of interest of mine is how social media can affect the brain, and a person in general. I had spent a day at school without my phone a couple of days ago, and I realised that it is a real limitation.
Lately, people do about everything with their phone, I myself am guilty of this too. I want to know why phones are such a significant part of most people’s lives. I also wonder about the things that people did before the mobile phone existed.

At last, I have always wondered about where people go when they have passed away. I myself believe in reincarnation. However, there are many people living on this planet that have different opinions on this topic. I assume I won’t find out until I pass myself, but this has always been a topic I am interested in, because I do not think that we were born, just to die again.


Investigation Reflection – Charity Campaign

Since a couple of weeks we have been working on a charity campaign/project. I chose to do something for the animals that are abandoned and not cared for. In design, the introduction is the ‘guide’ for the project, this is where ideas start to form. I have started by making a design brief/problem, in which I explain what I am going to do, which cause I will support with it, basically some general information. I have also made a bibliography with sources that will help me complete my project, I have done interviews, I have answered some guiding questions, and I have written an audience analysis. I could improve my research by adding more interviews with more people, and adding some more sources to my bibliography, which will make my document even more detailed. I could have also started a little earlier, or I could have worked on it home, so that I could do more in the lesson, so that I would have finished it earlier, and that I could have some more time to edit or fix some mistakes. Overall, the investigation looks good and organised.